Android 101: Useful Sites

Whether you are looking to buy an android phone, stay up to date on the latest android news or get into some serious hackery; you’ll need some sites to turn too. Here’s a list of some of our favorites and that should be part of any Android 101:

Android Central

“…You’ve found yourself smack in the middle of the Greatest Android Community in the World. Between the Blog, the Forums, our more than 80,000 Twitter followers, some 24,000 people on Facebook — this is where it’s at, folks…..But, really, it comes down to you. You’re the reason we’re here, working late into the night. Or traveling across the country and across the globe to bring you the latest Android news, reviews, rumors and more. If it’s out there, we’ll find it. Who are we? We’re a crack team of Android enthusiasts, tinkerers, bloggers and journalists.”


“Phandroid is the FIRST independent website dedicated to delivering Android news….While Phandroid is proud to be the first website dedicated to Android News, our real goal is to be the best. Providing insightful articles, breaking news and useful resources every single day, we aim to satisfy your appetite for Android.”

XDA Developers

“Your home of mobile device news and resources for hacking/modding, hardware/software, development/troubleshooting IMPROVEMENT for hundreds of devices!”

Android Apps

“Is the place to discover and share the latest and best Android apps through social recommendations as well as reviews from users and our editorial team — ten new app articles per day with two video reviews. Find, share, and review apps in categories such as Games, Education, and Travel, or browse user-created lists of apps for anything from astronomy to football. Get the best app recommendations based on what apps you already own, the apps the people you follow own, and what kinds of apps you’re interested in when you join Appolicious Android apps.”


Unrevoked3: Painless root and reflash…unrevoked forever: your phone today; your phone tomorrow; downloads and instructions to flash your device.


Unlocking the potential of your phone, one app at a time. Home of ROM Manager, DeskSMS and more.

Android Developers

Everything you need to know about android including new releases, app development, etc.

Android SDK

Needed to root some devices (links to download page)

Have favorites of your own or sites that you find useful that aren’t listed? Send recommendations to