CyanogenMod is back…and better than ever!

CyanogenMod is back…and better than ever!

Yeah, we’re pretty excited about the CyanogenMod team getting back in the game too. If you ever downloaded a custom ROM there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of Koushik Dutta and the CyanogenMod team. These guys are at the top of the list for quality ROM’s, with a plethora of tweaks and mods.

Recently, the team ran into some hardware issues which slowed their ability to provide to push out builds as often as they (or we) would have liked. They turned to the community for help, and help we did. Just about a week ago, in response to a blog post requesting help to raise funds for new servers, the following was posted.

android tips | CyanogenMod Says Thank You

What’s great is that the request for help came nearly 24 hours before and in less than one day, they guys were able to get upgrade equipment and get back to pushing out builds. With the new hardward, they boys didn’t waste anytime and have already started releasing nightly builds of Android 4.0 (ICS) for several devices; including the Galaxy Nexus, which I personally use. Here a list of device that have nightlies ready to use:

Android Tips | List of Available CyanogenMod ICS Nightly Builds

I downloaded the nightly for the Galaxy Nexus late last night and it’s running as smooth as ever. If you own either the Galaxy Nexus (CDMA or GSM), the Nexus S (CDMA or GSM) or the Motorola Xoom (Wi-Fi or LTE), here’s the link to get your CM9 goodness. Remember, these are nightly builds and may be a bit buggy but so far I’m loving the CM9 awesomeness!